Automatic dimmer time switch Timer

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The automatic dimmer time switch Timer. Automatic Dimmer Timer with a sunrise and sunset is modeled by one or more incandescent, halogen, dimmable LED Lamps Ideal for people, birds, reptiles, amphibians and other animals. Revolution - a new standard in reptile, aquarium, aviary Stop the stress of the sudden switching of light. Now you can simulate natural lighting conditions for your pet. automatic Dimmer Simulation of the effects of natural sun and clouds determined the ability of different scenarios for each day of the week greatly extend the life of light bulbs LCD display, 8-button keypad. Device enables slow brightening and dimming of the designated times. Light and dark time is 1 hour. The device is extremely easy to use! Insert the plug into the outlet terrarium, aquarium, or aviary lighting, set the time of dawn and dusk hours and ready. It is a quick manual on / off light (2 seconds) or manually mark the beginning of dawn and dusk. For professionals and beginners adventures with reptiles, aquarium, or aviary. The product is classified as standard equipment, the new standard in aquarium, terrarium, aviary. The controller has non-volatile memory settings! Compatible with any dimmable light source and power supply. Dimensions: 130mm x 57mm x 90cm Power supply 100-230V AC 40-50-60Hz Maximum load: 300W Dimmer Time Fade In (upload and fade down) / Out: 15, 30 and 60 Min Resolution Timer: 1 step per minute Operating temperature: 0 .. 60 ° C